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Sureground45 Is a ground stabilisation system that comes in tile format which interleock together.

When filled it has a compressive strength of 200 tonnes per square metre which is ideal for commercial use.

Sureground can be filled with either grass or stones, so is perfect for driveway or lawned areas to provide ground stabilisasion.


When laid the surface remains porous which avoids the requiremnent for expensive drainage solutions 

The tiles have small pocckets within the base, these retain water. When the system filled with grass this helps hydrate the lawn keeping it greener in the summer months .


Individual tiles are easily clipped together to build a surface which is ideal for car parks, pedestrian areas and access roads.


The system helps to reduce the risks of potholes, rutting or grass damage.


Demarcation blocks are available.


Product Data

Each tile - 530x530mm / 45mm deep

100 Tiles per pallet

100 Tiles - Covers 28 Meters Square




FirmGround 45

  • Sureground45 - 200 Tonnes per square meter

    Sureground45 - 1.4Kg per tile

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