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Manhole Cover 300x300/80 Recessed Manhole Cover  ALL STEEL


All steel integral lifting handles / All steel Frame, All steel tray, 


This recessed Manhole covers are ideal to cover smaller chambers such are rodding eye access. They are perfect for accepting infill products such as block Paving and cobbles etc.

When installed and filled with the paving product of your choice the manhole will become virtually invisible with exception on the tray and fram edge.

The Manhole Cover tray can be lifted from within the frame using the integral metal lifting keys located underneath the dust covers.

Installation of Recessed Manhole Covers can be installed by a compitant DIY person.


Load Rating - Medium duty - Domestic Driveway


Manufacturer : MCD Company


Helpline - Installation / Sizing assistance : Tel 01905 774927

Manhole Cover 300x300x80 Recessed

  • Frame: Steel

    Tray: Steel

    Lifting Handles: Steel

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